Psionik-Sondereinheit des britischen Militärs


Royal Special Unit for Armored Walker Operations “PRISM

Common Designations: RSU-AWO, PRISM, The Job, Davenport’s Nine
Commander: Major General Sir Michael Davenport, VC, GCB, KBE, MC

Brigadier Alexander Thorne
Brigadier Albert Andrews
Colonel Sir Charles Raslowe, MBE
Brigadier John Wickers
Colonel Christian Lye-Redwick
Brigadier Alec McCarthy
Colonel Penelope Dunnett
Brigadier Malcolm Waltz

PRISM is a very uncommon project for the conservative British military. It was founded on initiative of just nine senior officers under the leadership of Major General Michael Davenport, who first met Morpheus personnel during the Russian civil wars. After seeing Morpheus SAVERs in action, Davenport was obsessed with making these machines available to the British Army and mobilized vast resources through friends and favours to make this a reality. In the past three years, PRISM has become one of the most expensive and influential parts of the British military, but still suffers from being chronically understaffed. Most recently, they have started working closer with UNITY, a mercenary organization which does have similar goals, but lacks the means to reach them.


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