MS.E56 Noye

Cost 13 Size 3
TL 5 Refresh 3


  • Defining Aspect: Changeling/Samaritan Hybrid //getarnte Reperatureinheit
  • Zweibeinig
  • Leichtbauweise
  • Der SAVER ist neu für Evans
  • Lancelots Kopf

Abilities: 12 (4)

FP derzeitig: 0
Crew 0 Speed 2 Maneuverability 3
Structure 2 Weapons 1 Sensors 2
Systems 2
Structural Stress 5 System Stress 5 Crew Stress N
  • Schweissbrenner im rechten Unterarm (Systems)
  • Scanner für die Diagnose an SAVER (Sensors)
  • Overdrive by Michael Evans (Maneuverability)

• Bipedal Walker
• Intuitive Interface (Moving the vehicle does not count as supplementary action when carrying out another action)
• Psionic Interface (May spend 1 FP to use Pilot’s PICO-Sensitivity instead of another ability when piloting)
• Ejection Seat (By spending a Fate point, the pilot may escape the vehicle when it is destroyed)
ECS / Optical Camouflage (+2 to remain unnoticed to the naked eye and optical cameras outside of combat situations. Spend 1 AP to make this work in combat as well.)

Free to spend Advantage Points:
5 (Elite Units)

  • Optical Carmouflage: 1 AP (siehe oben)
    *Jump Jets: 1 AP The Vehicle is capable of making short leaps into the air. This uses the same
    rules as a normal jumping character (pg. 280) but uses its Maneuverability
    and all distances are multiplied by 100.
  • Cloaked AP2 (The Vehicle is covered with material that absorbs radar, emits some sort of
    sensor disruption field, stores its own emissions, etc.
    While still visible to the naked eye, the Vehicle is much harder to detect
    with sensors. The Vehicle gains a +2 bonus on rolls to remain unnoticed by
    sensor equipment.)
  • Melee Weapon: Schweissbrenner 1 AP (The Vehicle, probably a walker, is outfitted with a melee weapon attached
    to a limb capable of wielding it. It could be a massive axe or sword, or maybe
    a giant chainsaw. Regardless of its actual form, the Vehicle attacks using its
    Maneuverability and the weapon has a Weapon Rating equal to the Vehicle’s
    Size + 2.
    It may only use its melee weapon to attack Vehicles in the same zone.
    The Vehicle may purchase this Advantage multiple times, each time
    increasing the melee weapon’s Weapon Rating by another +2.)

MS.E56 Noye

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