Full Name: “MORPHEUSUNEXWEST” Morpheus – United Nations Security Council Special Institute for the Utilization of Experimental Weaponry and the Evasion of Supranational Threats
Common Names: Societé Morpheus, Morpheus-Society, Morpheusgesellschaft, Seven-Thirty-Eight (#7-38)


The Morpheus Institute was founded in 2001 as a consortium of research funds and weapon manufacturers, initiated by the Israeli known as Gesa. Its main purpose was the development of defense technologies that had been previously ignored by national militaries and were considered unpracticable. With the PRTO’s foundation, Morpheus gained a valuable ally which funded Morpheus’ first great success: in 2006, the first technopathically controlled Mobile Armor, designation SAVER 01, was launched. It was the first vehicle of the “SAVER” type.

To control these SAVERs, Morpheus developed the psi-drug PICO, which drastically increases a person’s mental abilities to the degree of allowing telepathic or telekinetic abilities and even extra-sensory perception. However, Morpheus soon discovered that reactions to the drug were highly dependent on the individual. A test was developed to determine the PICO-sensitivity in a human body.

Following the attack on Oita by telepathically enhanced terrorists in 2013, the UN Security Council announced a special session regarding the status of Morpheus. Instead of closing down the foundation as many expected, the UNSC followed the PRTO’s advice and made Morpheus the spearhead against PICO-supported terrorism. The consequent resolution’s paragraph #7-38 ordered the transformation of the Morpheus Institute into a UN-dependent body with supranational special privileges including absolute immunity in all signatory nations. For security and secrecy reasons, #7-38 largely disappeared from the resolution’s published form and mostly operates in secret. The SAVERs are launched from ten highly mobile bases, the so called “VANTAGE” stations, which correspond to the organisation’s order of battle.


Vantage 1 – Orbital Command / Space Division (OC/SA)

Commander: Captain Wilhelm Steiner
Notable Officers: Lieutenant Jonathan Steiner

Vantage 01 is a top-secret, cloaked and screened orbital satellite placed on an orbital route that has been determined to be nearly invisible for all government satellites for the next 20 years. The installation is not very large, but serves as the main communications nexus for Morpheus’ global operations. It operates the only three vacuum-capable SAVER units and has a contingent of three nuclear warheads to create an EMP should the organization ever need one.

The former astronaut Wilhelm Steiner serves as the base’s commander, and his son Jonathan as primary SAVER pilot. Apart from that, the crew changes often, and occasionally even high-ranking officers like Colonel Fillmore (Head of Operations) and Tanya Rupanova (Head of Oculus) pay a visit.

Vantage 2 – Western Atlantic Division

Commander: Captain Martin Trench

Vantage 2 is part of Morpheus’ military backbone and stationed in one of the most advanced submarines ever built. Not only does V02 contain a crew of 400 men and women, but a contingent of 20 SAVER units and four ICBMs complete with nuclear warheads, as well as many conventional MA units. Despite its size, this swimming city is protected against all sensor technologies used by NATO, and its crew is well trained to use this to their advantage.

Due to the relatively calm nature of the northern Atlantic theatre, Vantage 2 often serves as new officers’ first post. This does not mean, however, that V02 is a safe haven – fighting drug barons and seperatists are their traditional roles.

Vantage 3 – Mobile Aerial Division (MAD)

Commander: Captain Ricardo “Mad Dog” Delamont

The MAD is, for all intents and purposes, the unit you do not want to see heading your way. They are called in to fix the mess someone else caused, and they do so with the highest efficiency possible. V03 is stationed on an immense airplane which is usually kept in the air and rarely touches the ground.

V03 is equipped with highly mobile units and usually called in to help other units that are lacking resources and personnel. It also contains a contingent of F-22 Raptor fighter jets used for defensive missions. Like Vantage 2, V03 makes use of modern stealth technology.

Vantage 4 – African Division

Commander: Colonel Dwight Uribe, Diplomatic Chief Counsel

V04, stationed in an underground fortress somewhere on the African continent, is mainly tasked with supporting peace missions and democratic movements in Africa. This task gets harder every day as Morpheus faces more and more enemies with support from the larger industrial nations. Dwight Uribe, commander of Vantage 4, has to balance Morpheus’ interests with local sensibilities, which makes him the best-suited man for the job of Diplomatic Chief Counsel.

Vantage 5 – Western Europe Division

Commander: Colonel Maksimilian Sevarin, Head of Recruitment

With more and more industrial nations and NGOs developing SAVER-units, it is V05’s job to keep these developments in check. Therefore, the main functions of V05 (stationed on a swimming fortress-island off the coast of Great Britain) are less SAVER-based and rather dominated by footwork and political schmoozing. This unit’s leader is Maksimilian Sevarin, the human with the highest known PICO-sensitivity, who is also tasked with recruitment of new pilots. This is V05’s second great mission, as Europe contains a large number of possible candidates.

Vantage 6 – Eastern Europe Division

Commander: Captain Alfred Hasanov

Despite being less influential than V05, V06 is the unit with the most combat experience. The unstable situation in Eastern Europe and the ongoing Russian civil war keep them very busy. Just recently, Colonel Semyon Kalaiev was killed in an attack on the unit’s bunker complex. Since Russia is assumed to be JANUS’ main base of operations, Vantage 6 is expecting the conflict to get bloodier in the future.

Vantage 7 – Greater Eurasian Fleet

Commander: Colonel Christopher Fillmore, Head of Operations

Vantage 7 is considered the strategic heart of the Morpheus Society. With a total contingent of several hundres SAVER units and a massive, highly advanced fleet, the aircraft carrier V07 is well equipped for its mission. V07 is maintained cooperatively by Morpheus and the PRTO and would, should a larger conflict break out anywhere in the PRTO’s sphere of influence, form the spearhead of the joint military force. Currently, however, it serves as a organizational hub in direct contact with “Heaven’s Gate” and as seat for the Morpheus high brass.

Vantage 8 – Special Unit OCULUS, Special Operations Command (SOC)

Commander: Colonel Tanya Rupanova, Head of Covert Ops

Shape and location of V08 are classified. What is known, however, is that V08 maintains OCULUS, the Morpheus Society’s intelligence service. This operation includes a well-trained and equipped counter-terrorism unit and a surveillance and screening unit.
Aside from Head of Operations Fillmore, Colonel Rupanova is the only offficer on Morpheus allowed to contact Admiral Gesa directly.

Vantage 9 – Research and Development

Commander: Dr. Reinhard von Grünwald

This unit, which was led by Gesa himself until 2014, has just recently been relocated to the building of Satoshi Industrial Goods Co, a front company, in Yokohama. Here, the PICO formula is being continually improved. For testing SAVER units themselves, V09 maintains the DTG (Dedicated Training Ground) in the south Pacific ocean.

Vantage 10 – Special Areas Command

Commander: Admiral Gesa

All that is known about Vantage 10 is this: it exists. Its main task is probably the protection of “Heaven’s Gate”, the secret Morpheus Headquarters in the Himalayas.


E1 – Crewman
Notes: Mostly low-tier ground personnel. Red uniform.

E2 – Private
Notes: Mid-tier ground personnel. Red uniform.

E3 – Specialist / Sergeant (OCULUS)
Notes: Ground personnel section commanders. Red uniform.

O1 – Lieutenant Junior Grade
Notes: Officer-Cadets, young pilots, field officers. Red uniform.

O2 – Lieutenant
Notes: Most pilots have this rank, MA and SAVER rank-and-file. Green uniform.

O3 – Major
Notes: Squadron leaders and accomplished pilots. Green uniform.

O4 – Vice Captain
Notes: Second-in command on a single contained unit. Green uniform.

O5 – Captain
Notes: Usually the commanding officer of a single contained unit. Blue uniform.

O6 – Colonel
Notes: The “inner circle”, currently Sevarin, Uribe, Fillmore and Rupanova. Gray uniform.

O7 – Admiral
Notes: The man himself. Only Admiral Gesa holds this rank. White uniform.


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