P sionically I nductive C hemical O perand


PICO-Sens-Ratings ├╝bersetzen sich wie folgt in das Attribut PS:
-50: 0
51-70: 1
71-80: 2
81-90: 3
91-99: 4
100+: 5

PICO-Sensitivity (englisch)

Through modern technology, it is possible to measure an individual’s receptiveness to PICO treatment. Commonly, a human’s P.S. is measured in the amount of the original drug retained in the bloodstream after a certain measuring time. For telepathic abilities to develop, the individual needs to contain at least 50% of a standard dose after the measuring time, when the body adjusts to the change.

This is due to the human body normally rejecting the substance. Those with a higher tolerance to PICO do not produce antibodies quickly enough to keep the substance from becoming “accepted”.

Critics have noted that PICO is both a parasite and a drug, as to retain telepathic abilities, a regular supply with the substance is needed. There have been known instances of test subjects going insane over the loss or existance of their telepathic abilities. PICO nowadays is not necessarily injected, but usually taken in form of pills or simply applied through the pilot’s suit.

Morpheus has reacted by noting that PICO is not an addictive substance per se. However, the abilities granted by it are of such manner that weak minds will get used to them very quickly, while stronger minds might initially reject them. Although every individual’s actual telepathic ability varies, the symptoms are similar. Every untrained user of PICO will experience strong headaches and the so called “noise”, the collected incomprehensible echoes of all thoughts and memories around them. Due to this effect, most young trainees are kept in single cells until the noise has worn off.

Generally, it is hard to predict the actual abilities of PICO on an individual. These are only loosely connected to their PS-Rating. For example, telekinetic abilities have appeared in low-sensitivity 50-60% subjects as well as in high-sensitivity 80-90% subjects. Most eligible pilots have a P.S. between 60 and 80%.

One special case should be discussed at this point – that of Colonel Maksimilian Sevarin.
The commanding officer of Vantage 5 has been logged as having a P.S. of 110%, meaning that after the testing phase had expired, his bloodstream contained a higher concentration of PICO than was originally injected. This still puzzles scientists today, but seems to be the reason for his near-omnipotent telepathic abilities, most importantly the ability to overwrite another human being’s mind with his own in a split second, creating an exact personality copy of himself.


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