Rook Design

Cost 13 Size 3
TL 5 Refresh 3


  • Zweibeinig
  • “Die Artillerie ist da!”
  • “Es ist nicht tot? Schafft den Rook ran!”
  • Schwerfällig


Crew 0 Speed 1 Maneuverability 1
Structure 3 Weapons 4 Sensors 1
Systems 2
Structural Stress 6 System Stress 5 Crew Stress N
  • Kräftig gebaut (Structure)
  • Energie-Boost (Speed)
  • Verbaute Gelenke (Maneuverability)

• Bipedal Walker
• Intuitive Interface (Moving the vehicle does not count as supplementary action when carrying out another action)
• Psionic Interface (May spend 1 FP to use Pilot’s PICO-Sensitivity instead of another ability when piloting)
• Ejection Seat (By spending a Fate point, the pilot may escape the vehicle when it is destroyed)
ECS / Optical Camouflage (+2 to remain unnoticed to the naked eye and optical cameras outside of combat situations.)
• Missile Bay
• Missile Battery
• Indirect Fire Capability

Rook Design

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