MS.243 Mordred (Strongly Modified Changeling)

The Mordred is the personal Unit of Jeremiah Gottwald.
It is equipted with newest Hydraulics, allowing it to
move almost like a human. It has a VPI build in, called
Morgaine. It has a Supersonic Sword called the Excalibur,
a AutoHandgun called Merlin, a small Machine gun, the Head-Vulcan
and Slash-Harken, grappling hooks used for Maneuvering and Attack.
The Principle after the Mordred is a highly Agile unit, that still can
hit a punch. It’s main weakness is the lack of Speed and Armor.
Time will tell if building a VPI into a fighting machine was a mistake.


Cost 13 Size 3
TL 5 Refresh 3
  • Defining Aspect: SAVER “Mordred”, Personal Machine of Jeremiah Gottwald


  • Zweibeinig
  • VPI – Morgaine
  • Build by Morpheus R&D
  • Weakness: Hochexperimentelles Equipment

Speciality Aspects:

  • Don’t try to hit me, hit me! (Maneuverability)
  • “100th Lvl Robot Fu Master” ()
  • “Slash Harken” (Weapon, Maneuverability)
Crew 0 Speed 1 Maneuverability 5
Structure 2 Weapons 2 Sensors 1
Systems 2
Structural Stress 5 System Stress 5 Crew Stress N Armour Rating 2


  • Bipedal Walker
  • Intuitive Interface (Moving the vehicle does not count as supplementary action when carrying out another action)
  • Psionic Interface (May spent 1 FP to use Pilot’s PICO-Sensitivity instead of another ability when piloting)
  • Ejection Seat (By spending a Fate point, the pilot may escape the vehicle when it is destroyed)
  • ECS / Optical Camouflage (+2 to remain unnoticed to the naked eye and optical cameras outside of combat situations. Spend 1 AP to make this work in combat as well.)
  • Upgraded 1AP
  • Jump Jets 1AP
  • Melee Slash Harken 1AP
  • Armour Lvl 1 2AP


Waffe Typ Kosten WR Reichweite Sonstiges/Aspekte
HK P992 MA-SA Pistole 3 +3 2 Small
HK P992 MA-SA Pistole 3 +3 2 Small
Slash Harken Melee 2 +5 0 “Slash Harken”


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