Pacific Rim Treaty Organisation

P acific R im T reaty O rganization

Full Name: Pacific Rim Treaty Organization
Used Designations: PRTO, Pazifikpakt

Founding: August 3rd, 2007


The PRT was founded in August 2007 on the third Pacific defense council summit in Seoul, and went into effect on October 1st the same year. From its very beginning, Japan and South Korea had planned to work closely with the Morpheus Society to develop new weapons technology. Their main motivator, of course, were economic interests.

Until the Taiwan crisis in 2008, the PRTO was practically a paper tiger. However, after being called to action by the Republic of China, the PRTO had to make a rapid decision. Oda Kaneshiro, PRTO vice president at the time, managed the impossible: using the PRTO’s joint military power for leverage, Taiwan and the PRC were forced to merge and conclude massive constitutional reforms. Although the United States of the Chinese Republic (USCR), which were founded in 2010, are currently highly unstable, this was the defining success for the PRTO.

In the light of these events, Vietnam and India joined in 2008. After the third splitting of the Russian Federation, the Former Russian Republic of Sibir-Kamchatka joined in 2009.

The PRTO reached the peak of its power in the wake of the Oita-Incident in 2013, when the JANUS terror group launched an attack on the city of Oita in the south of Japan. The terrorists managed to kill half of the population via PICO-induced mind control by turning many into violent, mindless monsters. From this moment onward, the PRTO started rearming and increasing its cooperation with Morpheus, culminating in the creation of the UN-UNEXWEST.

Pacific Rim Treaty Organisation

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