Types of Psions


Telekinesis is by far the most common type of psionic manifestation. Telekinesis as a talent manifests in more than 80% of all subjects in the PS 50-80 core group. Most telekinetics are able to handle weights up to fifty kilograms with relative ease, although the physical strain of lifting these by the power of their mind has been described as similar to the strain of lifting them with an untrained hand. According to the most prevalent theory, a certain part of the brain actually works as a muscle for Tks, changing air pressure by contracting or expanding. While this is not exactly proven, it would explain the pain felt by some Tk after a particularly strenuous workout.

Technopaths and Technokinetics

While common Telekinesis and Telepathy transfers over air between two physical bodies, another form affects mainly technical objects. Natural Technos are rare, possibly no more than one in one hundred, but the PICO induced state within a SAVER attempts to replicate it. A natural Technopath would be able to enter digitally operated systems and control them by „talking“ to the system. They are not per se able to alter the performance of a system, only to interface with it much faster than usual. Technokinetics however are able to achieve the former, actually being able to alter electric currents and in some cases even the mechanical properties of items. Some have been trained in or developed limited Telekinesis, allowing them to move mechanical items like switches, but little more. Occasionally, Technopathy and Technokinesis manifest in the same person.


Pyros are usually easy to recognize due to their choleric nature and extrovert characters. They often discover their gift at an early age by unwittingly setting something (or someone) on fire. Pyros are given special care at Morpheus, and their rare gift usually puts them in a special position on most teams.
Telepaths – Telepathy appears in about one in ten subjects and has not been observed in persons unter the 80% PS – mark. Of course, the existence of telepathic background noise is common in all subjects, but the ability to actively read minds takes greater focus. There are two observed kinds of telepaths, latent and dominant telepaths. Latent telepaths can usually read minds, but are unable to intrude into others‘ thoughts. However, they usually develop a secondary talent along with their primary telepathy. Dominant telepaths lack that second talent, but can be trained to actually manipulate the minds of others, moving around memories and planting thought. They are usually employed by OCULUS.


Transmindery is a phenomenon first observed in Col. Maksimilian Sevarin during his recruitment. It describes a reflex-like tendency to „infect“ another mind with an exact copy of one’s own, thus creating a quasi-exact replica. The copy can lay dormant for years as the brain filters out information irrelevant for the new body configuration. Sevarin is the only known transminder, but the phenomenon is believed to be possible from a PS of 95 upwards with some training. Vantage 9 has achieved limited results in tests with PS 95-98 subjects, which prove this theory.


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